What are the fixed assets required to become seller?

Fixed assets required to become seller are:
  • Computer & printer
  • Barcode printer
  • A4 size 70 GSM pages & A4 sticker (to print Sent by & Seller Details)
  • Hand Made Papers , marvel paper and poly gift packing paper
  • Name Chits / small greetings for Best Wishes Quotes
  • Poly Cover & Cloth Carry Bags with Branding (by Afecto with charge)
  • Cello Tapes & Tape Dispenser
  • Digital Weighing machine
  • Staplers’ (Big size and Medium)
  • Single layer hard carton for Gift Packing

Have an idea about e-commerce business and do you want to become ONLINE SELLER?

E-commerce has given market a new way of doing business; it offers great business opportunities with sure success with its uniqueness of representing products in Global Bazaar without opening stores in different cities. Here we have given stepwise guidance to become an e-commerce entrepreneur or online seller:

  1. Decide a product you would like to sell: Choose a business that you are passionate about doing. E.g., if you are an artist, consider selling art. Be assured, you will have enough shelf-space for
    whatever you choose to sell.
  2. Choose a right platform to sell: You can start selling at our Afecto Gifts Bazaar which is quite inexpensive, low-maintenance and trustworthy platform to sell your product online to our wide customer base with our advertisement support.
  3. Ready your legal documents: As in the case of every other business, you need to make ready your GST number, Pan Card, Bank details, and other legal documents. If your product is tax exempt, you must provide PAN details relevant to your business only
  4. Prepare catalogue of your products: To attract customer, prepare your catalogue list your products in easiest ways by your own or take help of our professionals to get the best possible cataloguing. Brief your customer about products including descriptions and feature, which will help them to choose the right one. Sellers who have their own brand can register their brand under brand registry to avoid brand infringement
  5. Set your selling price for Afecto Gifts Bazaar: by including all the charges and fees applicable, thus you can check your profitability by Selling Price or Settlement Value Calculator.
  6. Select your delivering method: How fast your products reach your customer determines how much faith they have in your brand. Ensure fastest possible delivery on your own. Choose the delivering service which suits you best. Based on your choice, out of three you can set delivery rates for your products. You have three delivering options like:
    • Self-Delivery – where you (the seller) would handle the entire process of storage, packing and delivery to the customer, by yourself, after you receive an order. And also you will manage return, cancellation & reverse pick-up.
    • Easy Delivery – here you have to keep the product packaged and ready once you receive an order and Afecto will collect the product from your doorstep and deliver it to the customer.
    • Afecto Execution Mode (AEM) – here we will stock-up your product in our central store, pack and ship the product to the customer when an order is placed. Thus, you can pass by the trouble of on SPD i.e. Store, Pack & Deliver by considering Afecto Execution Mode (AEM) for your delivery concerns. Avail the service of trusted delivery partners with us and reach your customers faster and look at your profits multiply with AEM. We will manage your all return, refund, replacement & cancellations.
  7. Link your bank account for payments: All this effort makes little to no difference if you are not paid on time. Linking your bank account is the first step towards that direction. Afecto ensures you get timely payments without getting charged hidden fees.
  8. Finally start selling: Now you have a brief idea on how to become an online seller with Afecto Gifts. Become an Afecto registered seller in a few clicks and begin your online selling journey today with Afecto Gifts and watch your e-commerce venture grow unrestricted.


Brief about the fees charged?

    • Order Item Value/Selling Price: rate at which you want to sell the product (after discount on MRP) online including all fees and charges so that you can earn good profit margin.
    • Commission fee: Percentage of order item value (depends on category & sub-category). It excludes discount offered by Seller other than normal delivery charges. The fee ranges between 8% – 20%. Please refer Commissions Fee Card given product wise.
    • Delivering fee: Calculated on actual weight or volumetric weight, whichever is higher and delivering locations. Please refer Delivery Fees Card.
    • Collection fee: Payment collection charges for every successful sale you made as payment is collected through payment gateway or banking or COD (Cash on Delivery if available).
    • Closing fee: Is a small fee that Afecto charges on every successful sale on Afecto’s Bazaar platform i.e. any order which is not returned or cancelled. This varies based on Order Item Value and sub-category the product belongs to. Closing fee is not charged in case of returns or cancel orders. Please refer: Closing Fee Card.
    • Total Bazaar fee: Includes selling price, commission fee, delivering fee, collection fee and closing fees.
    • GST on Bazaar fee: 18% of Total Bazaar Fee.
    • Settlement amount: The amount credited to your bank account within 10-12 business days after successful delivery and product not returned.

What are the fees charged by the seller (opted easy delivery)? Explain with an example.

The following fees are charged/deducted from the Ordered Item Value:

  • Commission fee: A percentage of the order item value, it vary and is based on vertical/subcategory.
  • Delivering fee: calculated on the basis of the product weight, dimensions, delivering location (not applicable on easy and AEM) etc.
  • Collection fee: This will vary based on ordered item value and payment mode opted/payment gateway.
  • Closing fee: There is slab wise fixed fee. This varies based on Order Item Value on every successful delivery.
  • GST: applicable on total of all of the above components as per government norms.


Example to show the settlement value calculation:

Item Amount
MRP of Item 220
Discount from your side (if you want) suppose 10% 20
Order Item Value/ Selling Price (decided by you after discount) 200
Commission Fee (varies across sub-categories/verticals) 20 (10% )
Delivering Fee* (Local delivering , weight under 500 grams) 35-50
Delivering Fee* (Regional delivering , weight under 500 grams) 45-55
Delivering Fee* (National delivering , weight under 500 grams) 55-65
Collection Fee ( 2 % on the Order item value) 4
Closing Fee (1% upto 300 & 1.5% above 301) 2
Total Bazaar Fee 61
GST ( 18% on Bazaar fee deduction) 10.98
Total deductions 71.98
Settlement Value (Amount credited to you) 128.02
Gift Packing Charge to be added above Selling Price (10-15 Rs) 10.00 i.e. 210.00

* Tentative rate given for Afecto Easy Delivery and Afecto Execution Mode, just for indication as it will vary with delivering charges as applicable. If you decide for self-delivery then delivery fee will be omitted or removed off.

Who decides the price of the product?

As a seller, you will set the price of your products.


You pay a fixed closing fee of 1% (will be round off) upto 300 and 1.5% (will be round off) above 301 based on the item price that is paid by the buyer i.e. selling price of the product.

How and when do I get Settlement Value paid?

All payments will be made or transferred through NEFT transactions (online banking). The payment will be made directly to your given bank account within the next 10-12 business days from the date of order delivered successfully.

On what factors Settlement Value depends?

Settlement value or amount depends on the following factors:

  • Selling price of the item you decided or kept (with or without discount from MRP)
  • Product category and product sub-category’s commission fees
  • Delivering type opted by customer
  • Weight and dimensions of the product followed by delivery locations of the order (Local, Zonal, or National). Please refer Delivery Fees Card
  • Types of execution mode opted: Self Execution & Self Delivery, Self Execution & Afecto Easy Delivery or Afecto Execution Mode
  • Return, refund, cancellation & replacement opted by customer
  • And finally your own performance that is based on your on-time execution of quality product as required and fresh piece without damage and timely delivery without cancellation, returns and refund. This will improve your ranking and you can EARN LOYALTY BONUS.

Note: Dear Sellers please note that all the claims for settlement fees or commission fee (if charged faulty) must be notified in writing within thirty calendar days of the order being shipped. If no such claim is filed within stated timeline, we will consider that the fee charged is correct and accepted by the sellers. We will not accept any claim further under any conditions.


Category Standard Rate Category Standard Rate
Stationary Items 5% (Branded) Stationary Items 7% (Non)
Professional Books 9% Story Books 11%
Toys 8% (Branded) Toys 10 % (Non)
Video Games 8% (Branded) Video Games 11% (Non)
Watches 8% (Branded) Watches 12% (Non)
Bicycles/Tri Cycles 6% (Branded) Bicycles/Tri Cycles 8% (Non)
Sports (Outdoor) 8% price <=300 (Bran/Non) Sports (Outdoor) 12% price >300 (Bran/Non)
Sports/Gym/Games (Indoor) 8% price <=300 (Bran/Non) Sports/Gym/Games (Indoor) 11% price >300 (Bran/Non)
Musical Instruments 5% (Branded) Musical Instruments 8% (Branded)
House Decoration 10% Clocks (Bran/Non) 8%-10%
Kitchenware 6% price <= 300, 8% >300 (Branded) Kitchenware 9% price <= 300, 11% >300 (Non)
Small Appliances 5% (Branded) Small Appliances 7% (Non)
Home furnishing 7% for item price <=300 10% for item price >300 Home improvement accessories 7% for item price <=300 10% for item price >300
Handy Craft 6% for item price <=300 8% for item price >300 Home Storage 8% for item price <=300 12% for item price >300
Fine Art 14% Indoor Lighting 12%
Beauty-Fragrance 8% for item price <=300 Personal Care Appliance 9%
Gifting range 12% for item price >300 Gifting range
Medical Equipment 8% Personal Care 5%
Handbags 10% Apparel Accessories 12%
Wallets 10% Backpacks 8%
Business & Scientific Supplies 10% Luggage- Suitcase and Trolleys 7%
Office Products 8% Pen Drives 14%
Home / Office Subcategories 14% Bean Bags and Inflatables 10%
Power Banks 14% Headsets, Headphones and Earphones 14%
Cases/Cove 12% price <= 300 16% price > 300 Speakers 10%-14% (Brand/Non)

Note: Please ensure that you are charged the correct commission fee, for that you will need to categorize your items as precisely as possible when you list them on the website. Categorization of products is subject to Afecto Gifts’s sole discretion.


What is CICO i.e Check-In and Check-Out quality check process?

Here each and every product will be approved by the seller while sending to AEM center or to customer directly and same process will be repeated at AEM center and possibly at customer level too. CICO sealing on product with authorized sign and date is must after quality check to ensure customer get quality products and there will be least chance goods return or replacement due to damage or non-operating.


What is the difference between a refunded and a cancelled order?

A decision not to fulfill an order prior to delivery-confirmation is a cancelled order. Once an order is delivery-confirmed, a decision to accept a return or not to deliver an item is treated as a refund.

**Why are order cancellations initiated by the seller is professionally not acceptable?

As a seller you should always ensure that products you have listed are in stock and available to deliver. When you cancel an order placed by a buyer prior to dispatch, it creates negative impact on our customer and we may lose our customer base.

Cancellation of order from your side may be due to the product is out of stock or the required product specification may be not available. Some time stock-outs might be unavoidable in normal business practice, but we expect you to try to minimize such issues. High cancellation rates are a problem that can impact your ability to sell. In the short term, it also negatively affects your bottom line because an unfulfilled order is lost revenue to your associated company.

What are the rules for product returned by customer?

Rules are as follows:

  • Product Returned for Refund: When customer returns delivered goods due to Specified and Genuine reasons or the product is returned due to unsuccessful delivery to customer or customer cancellations due to late delivery after Expected Delivery Date for money refunds, all goods return expenses including collection fees, reverse delivering fee with applicable taxes will be beared by seller only and will be deducted from his account.
  • Product Returned for Replacement: When customer returns delivered goods for replacement of same but fresh product (same value) due to Specified and Genuine reasons, reverse delivering fees and re-forwarding charges will be applicable on replacement on the seller.
  • Cancellation Charge**: Seller will be charged 25% of commission fee and 100% collection fees, if cancelled by customer as delivered after Expected Delivery Date apart from reverse delivering fees, in case of Seller Self Executed Orders or delayed shipment to the concerned delivery associates due to any reason by the seller under Easy Delivery service.
  • Cancellation Charge for seller-executed orders that are cancelled under the following scenarios will not be charged:
  • Order is cancelled** by seller for any reason other than buyer request (Only cancellations requested by buyers through the Afecto Gifts website are considered buyer-requested cancellations) will be exempt from the Cancellation Charge.
  • Order is cancelled automatically by Afecto Gifts because the seller has not shipped and confirmed dispatched of the order within 24 hours of order confirmation or as per delivery urgency.


  • All fees are exclusive of 18% Goods and Services Tax (GST).
  • *Specified and Genuine reasons: Delivered product is poor, damaged, non-operating, incorrect
    or missing.


What is product removal fee for unsellable inventory?

Product removal fees will not be charged for regular sellable products, but if unsellable product for more than 6 month, product removal fee will be charged per unit against labour. Removal fee will vary on weight, size and age of inventory.

  • Regular sellable < 6 month               = No removal fees
  • Product removal fees                        = 3 Rs/Item + Standard Delivery Charges
  • Product removal fees (If self picked) = 2 Rs/Item

All fees above are displayed excluding taxes. We will apply 18% Goods and Services Tax (GST)

What is storage fee for sellable or unsellable inventory?

Storage fees at Afecto store under AEM will not be charged for regular sellable products, but if unsellable product for more than 6 month, minimum storage fees will be charged per unit. Storage fee will vary on weight, size and age of inventory.

  • Regular sellable < 6 month            = No storage fees
  • Short term storage 6 to 9 months  = 6.00 Rs/Item/Month.
  • Long term storage > 9 month        = 10.00 Rs/Item/Month.

Note: For 1st Six months and Fast Moving Products sellers, will not be charged Storage Fees.

How can I send gifts to AEM center?

As an AEM member you can easily send your products to Afecto Gifts’s execution centers using Afecto Gifts trained transporters who can pick up products from your doorstep at your cost or you can deliver by your own to our center with CICO certifications.

Example to show the cost calculation:

Item Amount
MRP of Item 220
Discount from your side (if you want) suppose 10% 20
Order Item Value/ Selling Price (decided by you after discount) 200
Commission Fee (varies across sub-categories/verticals) 20 (10% )
Delivering Fee* (Local delivering , weight under 500 grams) 35-50
Delivering Fee* (Regional delivering , weight under 500 grams) 45-55
Delivering Fee* (National delivering , weight under 500 grams) 55-65
Collection Fee ( 2 % on the Order item value) 4
Fixed Fee as per rate card 6
Total Bazaar Fee 60
GST ( 18% on Bazaar fee deduction) 10.98
Total deductions 70.98
Settlement Value (Amount credited to you) 129.20
Gift Packing Charge to be added above Selling Price 10.00 i.e. 210.00

* Tentative rate given (Afecto Execution Mode), just for indication as it will vary with delivering charges as applicable

FIXED FEE CARD– Is a small fee that Afecto charges on every successful sale on Afecto’s Bazaar platform i.e. any order which is not returned or cancelled. This varies based on Order Item Value and sub-category the product  belongs to. Fixed fee is not charged in case of customer returns products. This is charged against man power incurred, maintenance, timely support included.

  • 0-300/-                 : min 5.00 – 7.00 Rs
  • 301-500/-             : min 8.00 – 9.00 Rs
  • 500/- & above     : min 10.00 than 0.50/100.00 Rs.


Why you should sell on Afecto Execution Mode?

There are n numbers of reasons:

  1. Simply send your products to an Afecto Gifts Execution center and we’ll store your inventory, pack and ship your orders on time on your behalf across India.
  2. You and your customer will get customer care service.
  3. You can focus on your core business, additional to that by joining AEM you can increase your sales without paying any additional subscription fees, storage fees or any other hidden charges other then specified in detail. We have no minimum unit’s boundation and no start-up fees.
  4. As we know gifts are meant for urgent delivery, hence your product will be delivered  within oneday and two day delivery options. This will enhances our customer shopping experience and in turn increases customer base, demand and loyalty. As Gifts values are associated with timely delivery, this will be beneficial options from business point of views.
  5. By joining AEM with an increase in sales, you need not to worry about inventory space, manpower for managing, packing and delivering orders. We will do it for you.
  6.  AEM customers may get additional benefits of Cash on Delivery payments options. But, facility will be only available if booking and receiving customer are same, if both are different then COD will not be available.
  7. Your products will become more visible hence your product will be more accessible and can stand out from the crowd thus leading to more possible orders generation.
  8. By joining AEM your products will also be eligible for many delivery options (premium, express apart from standard), by this you gain access by thousands of our loyal customers and hence increase in sales.
  9. We have transparent fee policy; selling on AEM you have to just have to pay commission, collection, delivery and fixed fees only. There will be no separate charges like storage fees etc.


What is Afecto’s Easy Delivery Fees?

Afecto Easy Delivery Fees is computed on volumetric or actual weight, whichever is higher. Volumetric weight is calculated as: Volumetric Weight (kg) = (Length x Breadth x Height)/5000 where LBH are in cm.


Details Weight Local Regional National
Standard Upto 500 gm 35 46 66
Each additional 500 gm upto 1 kg 25 21 25
Each additional Kg after 1 kg 10 15 20
Oversize Upto 5 kg (Fixed minimum Fess) 151 166 216
Each Addition Kg. 10 15 20

All listed fees are displayed excluding taxes. 18% Goods and Services Tax (GST) to all fees displayed above are above applicable.

Delivery Fees Calculator as per dimensions:

Small Size Weight <=1kg Longest Side
<=30.48cm (12in)
Median Side
<=20.32cm (8 in)
Shortest Side
<=10.16 (4 in)
Standard Size Weight <=12kg Longest Side
<=50.80cm (20in)
Median Side
<=40.64cm (16 in)
Shortest Side
<=25.4 (10 in)
Oversize Weight >12 kg* Longest Side
>50.8cm (20 in)
Median Side
>40.64cm (16 in)
Shortest Side
>25.4cm (10 in)

*All Oversize items weighing more than 30 Kg are classified as Oversize Heavy and Bulky


  • Local rate will be applicable where the pickup and delivery happen in the same city i.e. intra-city pickup and delivery.
  • Regional zone consists of 4 regions. These fees will apply if shipment moves within the same region and the service is not within the same city .
    • Region 1  – Chandigarh, Delhi, Haryana, Himanchal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh-Zone A** and Uttarakhand
    • Region 2 – Dadar and Nagar, Diu and Daman, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra
    • Region 3 – Andaman and Nicobar, Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu,Telangana, Lakshadweep
    • Region 4 – Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Odisha, Sikkim, Tripura, Uttar Pradesh-Zone B*, West Bengal
  • National fee will apply if shipment moves across regions.

E.g. For standard-size items, the minimum chargeable weight is 500 gms. In case of items that weigh more than 500 gms, you will be charged in multiples of the price applicable for each 500 gms. For example, the Afecto Easy Delivery Service Weight-Handling Fees for 800 gms package being shipped to a regional location will amount to INR 67 i.e. INR 46 (charge for first 500 gms + INR 21 charge for next 500 gms).

NOTE: The figures givens are only an estimate and actual figures may vary from gift to gift weight, size or dimensions and delivery options opted by customer. Afecto hereby disclaims any and all liability and assumes no responsibility whatsoever for consequences resulting from your use or reliance upon this information.

How Afecto’s Easy Delivery works?

  1. Customer places an order to buy your products.
  2. You get a notification of the order via email, seller central and SMS.
  3. After confirmation of order (if not cancelled or altered details within time limit)
  4.  You schedule a pickup & pack your products according to Afecto guidelines (You can even use Afecto packaging material).
  5.  Afecto delivery associate picks up the package from your doorstep.
  6.  Afecto delivers the package to the customer.

Apart from self delivery, does Afecto provide pick-up and other delivery options?

Yes, we have associated delivery service known as Afecto Easy Delivery were orders will be picked up from your location and will be delivered to the buyers’ location. Through this customers can track their orders and get possible delivery date. Buyers may also get an option to pay for orders at the time of delivery using the Cash on Delivery feature, if purchaser and receiver both are same. Amount collected will be transferred to the seller’s account as per Afecto norms.


  1. Make a great first impression: As an online seller, packaging is crucial to make a great first impression with customers. Good packaging also helps ensure your customers receive your products in perfect condition and have a great shopping experience. As an Afecto seller, you have the opportunity to wrap your products in the Afecto Branded Packaging, taking a step towards a great customer experience.
  2. Packaging for Afecto Sellers: When you choose to sell with Afecto Execution Mode (AEM), you don’t need to worry about packaging. Once you have sent your product to an Afecto Center, where 10 we will store, pack and deliver your product for you, whenever you receive an order. So avoid the hassle of packing yourself and choose AEM.
  3. Easy Delivery Service & Self-Ship Sellers: Whether you use Afecto’s Easy Delivery Service, AED’s ship through 3rd party carriers or you are self-delivering seller, you can purchase Afecto packaging material to wrap your products. Choose from polybags, corrugated boxes and Afecto sealing tape based on your packaging needs. (You can also use your own packaging material).

Hope now you have your all quires solved?

Join us and be a part of the life-changing journey and become successful e-sellers.

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