Amount will be refund (If)

  • Orders cancelled by seller or cancelled by customer within time limit and are not violating above given policies (On cancellation confirmation you will receive email at registered mail ID or SMS to mobile)
  • Order for refund: automatically amount will be transferred to your account within 10 -12 days as we get courier return at our store due to above mentioned reasons.

Order return for replacement : (very rare chance as we follow CICO policy)

  • Replace (if wrong product delivered, bad quality products), must be informed to customer care or by mail within 24 hrs.
  • Product performance within 12hrs of delivery
  • Personalized gifts (Only printing defect or mistake)

Order cannot be returned for refund :

  • 24 hrs after delivery of gifts
  • 30 mins after cake delivered

Order cannot be cancelled :

  • After 90 mins of order placed in case of Standard Delivery
  • After 60 mins of order placed in case of Express Delivery
  • After 30 mins of order placed in case of Premium Delivery
  • After 30 mins of order of Cakes
  • Goods booked with courier and/or dispatched from center
  • Personalized gifts after above mentioned time
  • Not received due to incorrect address or recipient not available or contactable on phone
  • Attempted and request for reattempt and/or not collected from courier office after information
  • Recipient refused to accept the product (No idea about sender)
  • Ordered Clearance Sale Items
  • Promotional items

Note :

Rerouting address from one to another, rerouting charge 70/- applicable.

Problem in placing an order, call our customer care at +91 8989096170 Monday to Saturday between 9:00 am to 6:00 pm or write to us at [email protected]

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