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324.00 259.00

Packing Type Box Pack
Item Included 1 unit Magnetic Strap Analog Black Watch With Black Diamond Filled
Product Type Women’s watches
Series Wrist watches
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1 in stock



Material Metal
Basic Features


Collection Analog Stylish Watch
Dial Color Black with Black Diamond Filled
Dial Shape Round
Dial Size     36 MM
Dial Thickness 10 MM
Display Analog : 3 Hands Min, Hr & Sec.
Dial Base White with Black Diamond Filled
Stop watch function No
Date Display No
Alarm No
Back light function No
Back light No
Scratch Resistant No
Basic Features


Strap Material Metal with Magnet
Strap Color Black
Strap Design Micro Net
Closure Type Magnet
Strap Width 13 MM
Strap Length 240 MM
Basic Features


Operated by Button Battery
Water Resistance Basic Water Resistance
Special Features
  • Ultimate & unique design.
  • Offers priceless looks and class you always wanted.
  • Offers true craftsmanship that only people with a distinct taste can identify.
  • Designed using technology and innovation.
  • Dials is eye-catchy that can be beautifully placed on your wrist.
  • Comfortable and luxuriously finished metal strap.
  • Battery offers amazing long life and durability that you would look for.
  • This watch is going to be your favorite for all events, outings and special occasions because it’s not a watch, it’s your identity.
  • Don’t dip watch in water.
  • Avoid any chemical exposure.
  • Don’t stretch the watch band too tightly.
  • Keep watch in dry environment when not in use.
  • Doesn’t open back cover, in case of any water vapor drips, get it cleaned/repair by watch specialist.
  • Follow instruction given with watch for more information.
Important The color & design of some product parts may vary from what is shown in the image.
Ideal For
  • Suitable for collection, birthday gift, anniversary and Festivals like Bhai dooj, Rakhi, Deepawali, Christmas etc.
  • Fashion Gifting to Children & Friends in Birthday, Brand Promotion, as Launching Gifts etc.
Ideal Gifting to Friends of School, College.
Country of Origin China

Additional information

Weight .040 kg
Dimensions 24 × 1.3 × 1.0 cm


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